Checking provident fund balance online

Finally it is here. EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organisation) offices are now making account balances available online. Here is how one can check the balance :

  • Start with and select your your state. For each state, you may have a number of EPFO offices listed.
  • Next up you need to determine what is your new EPF account number, in case you have the old PF numbers. The old PF numbers looked like KN/BN/xxxxx/yyyyy whereas the new ones look like BG/BGN/xxxxx/yyyyy. In this case, KN/BN/BG/BGN are just a couple of codes, there are many for each state EPFO. If you have the old PF account number, you can find your new PF number using this website. You need to put in your old office code and establishment id. For example, for a PF id KN/BN/xxxxx/yyyyy, the office code is KN and establishment id is xxxxx. Once you submit this, you will see your new establishment id (office code/establishment id) at the bottom of the page.
  • Once you know your new office code/establishment id, you can choose the right office from the EPFO balance checking page mentioned above. You then put in your PF id in the new format, give your mobile number and submit it. The balance will be sent to you through a text message.

The system is still lagging behind by more than a year. In Karnataka EPFO, you get your balance up to 31st March, 2010 at the time of writing this post. It would be nice to have an up to date system, it is not like there aren’t any companies willing to sell systems that can do this…

17 thoughts on “Checking provident fund balance online

  1. It worked today.. thanks.

    But even after using the new code provided by this website, the EFPO website is not able recognize my account.

    Error msg – Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this

  2. Thanks a lot for your article, It helped me to get my new PF account noPY/KRP/19214/ with its equivalent old PF account KN/BN/19214/

  3. Hi,
    Even my account is not being recognized. It throws an error “Invalid Member_id / Data not updated against this”.

    Is it a problem many people face?

  4. My PF # is KN/BN/xxxxx/.. I need to know the PF office address to transfer my PF amount in Karnataka my old company to my new orignation in AP .

  5. I have tried to get my acct. details online but was nt able to open the link i.e the new website mentioned as it is not opening at all, i just want to know the new no pertaining to my acct no. KN/BN/23490/13869.. anyone plz tell me the new pf no. for this old no. my mobile no. is 8762331463, thank u

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